13: Precursors 4 – Nördlingen and Hallein

After Munich, the trip continued with stops at the Stadtmuseum Nördlingen and the Keltenmuseum Hallein. Both locations are somewhat out of the way but could not be missed.

Both the Stadtmuseum in Nördlingen and the Keltenmuseum in Hallein were important destinations since they have in their collection specimens of the rarer type Varen as well as a type Haidershofen. Both these blade types have been described by Schauer (1971) as being related to the Hajdúsámson-Apa blades from the Carpathian basin as well as the Nordic Sögel type blades, meaning the Varen and Haidershofen types could have acted as significant intermediaries between the Carpathian and Nordic cultural spheres. Of course, finding out whether they are metallurgically related is one of the main objectives of the Sögel Project.

Type Haidershofen – Keltenmuseum Hallein

Type Varen – Stadtmuseum Nördlingen

In any case we are very grateful to both museums for granting us permission to analyse these rare blade types. To give a small indication of their rarity, the book by Schauer (1971) mentions three of each type for the entire northern Alpine zone of southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In comparison, about 17 of the trapezoidal type Gamprin blades are known in the same area meaning that trapezoid blades appeared more commonly in this area.