4: North Rhine-Westphalia

This time the search for Sögel and Wohlde blades took us north again by visiting museums in Münster, Herne and Detmold.

This area provided a surprisingly large amount of Sögel blades which usually have decorations of a dotted line followed by three continuous lines and a row of garlands. However, there appears to have been more stylistic freedom in this area as some have different decorative patterns. The blade from Espelkamp-Frotheim does show the standard decoration, but the hilt cut-out itself is decorated with angled rows of lines and dots. An additional blade from Bad-Wünnenberg Leiberg deviates from the main pattern with a double representation of lines and garlands. The local variation here in decorative patterns is intriguing and what it implies remains to be seen, as different decorations do not have to imply that the blades are made from a different material. However, it may indicate that adhering to traditional Sögel decorative styles was of a lesser importance here.

Many of these blades can currently be seen in the permanent exhibition of the archaeological museum in Herne, where a large and interactive exhibition has been created to be both informative and entertaining. Focussing not only on archaeological remains, but also aims to engage the senses as well as including the practice of archaeological science as well. As such, a visit is surely recommended.