5: Down the Rhine

The latest destination is the Landesmuseum in Mainz. This far south, we are starting to reach the contact zone between the Sögel-Wohlde blades and the Northern Alpine region with types Sandharlanden, Statzendorf, Haidershofen, Varen and Gamprin. These types are regarded as potential predecessors to the Sögel-Wohlde blades and by acquiring samples from these blades we are starting to investigate the relationship between the northern and southern regions. Based on their shape, type Statzendorf and Gamprin are very similar to the Wohlde types. However, whether they acted as their precursors or if the Wohlde types are actual imports from the south remains to be seen.

Almost all of the blades from Mainz consist of single finds from the Rhine river and portray a mix of northern and southern types. One of the most southern decorated Sögel blades has been found here as well as a potential precursors such as type Statzendorf and type Gamprin. In the Bronze Age, this region may have been at a crossroad where both blade traditions came into contact. As such, the collection from the Landesmuseum in Mainz provides an interesting mix of Bronze Age hilt-plate blades.